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It Is the season of shopping And before the season, Amazon India has declared its largest sale. That is what the company says. The Amazon Great India Festival go on until 11:59 PM on October 15 and will kickstart on October 10 at 12AM. Prime members will get access to discounts and special deals on beginning 12PM while the firm will offer its members beginning October 10 discount.

Top Online deals of 2018 Upto 90% off

Ahead of the start of The giant, its sale has given a sneak peak of the deals and offers that will be available on its stage. For starters, while Amazon Prime members will get around Rs money back, members that are non-Prime will get around Rs 1,650 money back on using Amazon Pay for shopping. The business is currently offering a 10 per cent discount on all purchase made with credit cards and SBI debit. There is also EMI.

1. Deals on Samsung Galaxy A8 +:

which is available for 41,990, will be available for Rs 23,990 while Galaxy Note will be available for Rs 43,990. Similarly will be available for Rs 42,990.

2. Deals on OnePlus 6:

OnePlus has announced a large price cut OnePlus 6 throughout the sale. The 128GB + 8GB RAM variant will be available for Rs 34,999 to put it simply, while the 64GB + 6GB RAM variant will be available for Rs 29,999.

3. Deals on Vivo Similarly will be available for Rs 17,990.

4. Deals on Amazon Echo speakers: Apart from offering significant discounts on other mobiles and digital appliances, Amazon is also offering discounts on purchase of Amazon devices. Amazon Echo is currently becoming a Rs 1,000 cost and it’ll be available for Rs 8,999.

5. Deals on It’s offering JBL Move wireless speaker, which is priced at Rs 2,699 while the company has retained most of its prices under wraps.

Top Online deals of 2018 Upto 90% off

6. Deals on cans: Much like speakers, the Business is Offering reduction. It’s offering noise canceling headphones by Bose, which is priced at Rs 25,200 Though it has kept most of its offers under wraps. The company is currently offering discounts on cans by Boat JBL and Sennheiser’s purchase, all which will be unveiled on the day of the start of the sale.

7. Deals on fitness The business is currently offering 3 to Rs 1,999 to Mi Band throughout the sale. Gear S3 is currently getting a price cut.

8. Up to Rs 55,000 during the sale on purchasing laptops from its stage. The notebooks getting a price cut are HP Ryzen 3 and Dell i3 with Windows 10 OS while the company is to unveil its own deals. The company is offering 330 with HP 15 Core i5 generation notebook using a reduction of Rs 9,755 and a reduction of Rs to Lenovo Ideapad at Rs 49,990.

9. Prices on tablets: Apart from this, the company is offering Up to 50 percent off on purchasing tablets. It’ll be available for Rs 15,432 and while the Lenovo Tab4 10 is getting a price cut of Rs 5,558, Lenovo Tab4 8 is getting a price cut of Rs 2,697 and it is going to be available for Rs 13,303.

Top Online deals of 2018 Upto 90% off

10. Deals on pen E-retailer is currently offering up to 60 percent off on purchasing hard Memory cards advertisement pen drives, drives. Seagate 1.5TB While The business is yet to announce the cost cuts of storage devices On what we know so much, hard drives which will find a price cut Sale include Samsung 500GB disk and Seagate 500GB SSD.

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Before buying anything online make sure check about their term’s & conditions and cashback T&C. That will a safeside for you. Otherwise you may may be hunt of fraud.

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