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Google probably knows you better than your relatives and friends, have you ever thought about it?

The information gathered year after year on you from the most popular and powerful search engine in the world can be so many and detailed.

This data is made available to advertisers and advertisers who are constantly working to create ads in line with your tastes and preferences.

Well, this is the “salt” of online advertising!

But for once we try to put ourselves in the shoes of you users: unsubscribe from Google today is not only possible, but also relatively simple thanks to the new privacy regulations.

So let’s see how.

Cancel from Google in 5 steps

To begin with, we introduce you to the ” My activity ” function of Google that allows you to “see” and check all the activities performed over a period of time that is practically (de) finished. Through the “Delete activity for “function you have the possibility to cancel the operations performed by filtering them by date. At the same time, through the “task management ” function you can choose which service to deactivate so that Google no longer records your activities. Well, a good start, right?

If you want to analyze the collected data in more depth, you can use the “Download your data ” function and check it offline. After selecting the Google services whose data you want to download, choose the type of archive file and the sending method. Then click on “create archive” and you’re done.

By accessing the Ads settings service you can check all the “tags” on which advertisers base their personalized ads. Just deactivate this feature with the “Customizing your ads” button to prevent it.

After having deactivated the data collection functions, all that is left to you is to unsubscribe from Google through all the browsers that you normally use to browse. You do not have to do other than delete the history, cookies and caches. For even more thorough cleaning you can completely reset the software and restore it to the initial configuration.

Finally, as the last remedy able to guarantee total cancellation, we recommend you to use, a tool that allows you to delete all accounts signed on the network through your profile In short, for a really deep cleaning and to the detail.

Without all these operations, Google will no longer know who you are, what you do and your daily habits.

Author Bio: Megan Max has completed her education from Australia and now serving to United States California; through the platform “Video Cubix” she is one of the most famous photographers and animator.

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